Poultry Beyond Just Layers

Raising chickens is more than just a fun way to raise and grow food. Pretty soon, you’ll become attached to these loveable and silly creatures. You’ll come to cherish the early mornings and evenings during feeding and even cleaning the coop weekly.

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small child holding chicken in his arms

Time to Retire

three chickens running on grass

When your hens stop laying, they can retire in peace and continue to live their life as they please. When your chickens retire, you can switch them to a new feed. Since they no longer need to be on a layer feed, you can switch back to a complete starter-grower feed like Purina Start & Grow or Purina Organic Starter-Grower. You can also feed them an all-flock feed.

On average chickens can live between three to seven years or more (up to 12 years). When the egg-laying stops, hens are still valuable contributors to the family. Hens can still scarf down bugs, keep weeds away, provide your garden with manure, and make great company.

Raising chickens in the backyard is a relatively easy and low-maintenance endeavor that has tons of upsides. Backyard chickens make great buddies and they’ll even pull their weight around the house by providing you with farm-fresh eggs.